My dad grew up in California – among many things, this developed his palate and his nose for all things wine. He loves wine, is very knowledgeable about it, and my sisters and I have been trying to convince him to take the exam to become a certified Sommelier. Regardless, we like to think of him as our resident somm and I feel like I have been learning from him forever – it was all buzzwords until I turned 21 when I could actually participate in the tasting.

When I am not drinking wine, I can also be found enjoying some local brews (both coffee and beer). I love beer – IPAs are my favorite but I will rarely turn anything down. We are lucky here in Jacksonville to be surrounded by a growing craft beer scene. There are at least 7 craft breweries that make a quality pint.

With absolutely no credentials other than the fact that I have been consistently drinking beer and wine for 3.5 years, below are my thoughts on all things beverage in my life (I do advise to take them with a grain of salt salted rim and hopefully a Marg.)

Red Wine:
Nebbiolo | NZ Nebbiolo vs. Barolo
Chianti Classico | Volpaia

White Wine:
Matthiasson Chardonnay