Risotto Cakes & San Francisco Dreaming

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I was born in San Francisco, CA – I only lived there for two years but I like to think that I absorbed some of the culture and *~*California*~* while I was there. My parents tell the story that when I was first born, they were essentially on house arrest – no more quiet nights and more importantly, no adventures to their favorite restaurants. When I was finally old enough to be taken out, they put me in the baby carrier and went directly to Greens restaurant. SoOoO, Greens was the first restaurant I ever went to. Unfortunately not the first that I have ever eaten at.  Continue reading “Risotto Cakes & San Francisco Dreaming”

My Best Friend, the Oven.

Pan fried chicken & Arugala Risotto

So I don’t have a microwave – my apartment’s teeny tiny kitchen can’t accommodate one and I have gotten by long enough without one that I just reheat my food on the stove or in the oven. I haven’t found it too inconvenient – maybe since I only reheat food for one person OR maybe because I take most of my leftovers as work lunches and reheat them in the office using that microwave (much more likely). Regardless of my microwave situation, my oven has become one of my best friends in the kitchen. Sounds weird, but it allows for weeknight dinners where you aren’t required to be too attentive and can do other things like clean or read or play Mario Run while your food is cooking.  Continue reading “My Best Friend, the Oven.”

Bread in a Cast Iron & Weeknight Chianti

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I have been craving focaccia for a couple days now – probably less about an actual craving and more about my inherent gluten dependency.

Regardless, today I finally got my focaccia! And with a little twist. In my amateur opinion, bread should be crusty on all sides; with that in mind, I decided to cook today’s focaccia in a cast iron skillet rather than on my pizza stone (like usual). I have to say, this is a keeper. It was warm and chewy on the inside and crusty and crunchy on the outside. I can’t wait to turn it into a sandwich tomorrow…  Continue reading “Bread in a Cast Iron & Weeknight Chianti”