About Me

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My name is Miya and I am the pickiest eater alive (just kidding! More like the opposite.). I love to cook, travel, go to zumba class, sing karaoke, and eat all of the things.

I live in Jacksonville, Florida in the fun and eclectic Riverside neighborhood. I’ve been here for about a year and a half and Jacksonville’s food & drink scene is undergoing some really incredible transformation – more food, more beer, more coffee etc.. During the day, I work in technology. When I get home, I am a wannabe home cook; inspired by eating local, the farm to table movement, diverse cuisines, and lots of cookbooks.

Prior to Jax I lived in the wonderful Gainesville, FL where I fell in love with eating real food from real places (read: local farms, local kitchens). I actually began college as the PICKIEST EATER EVER, making it through my freshman year at the University of Florida eating plain chicken breast and pepperoni pizza every day. Not the worst on the flavor spectrum but I was definitely living life in a boring, bland, tasteless box.

Before all of this I grew up in the East Mountains of New Mexico, right outside of Albuquerque. I still have dreams of the huevos rancheros, breakfast burritos, and cheeseburgers. What is it that makes basic food so illustrious and special in New Mexico? Well it is the addition of Green Chile to everything which basically unlocks all secrets to the universe. Ok maybe not, but it is pretty darn close. I miss that stuff and I would eat it on everything if I could.

Nowadays I’m juggling my job, trying to act my age, attempting to cook healthy-ish dinners (when I have an inherent obsession with bread, pasta, dessert, and tacos that makes it tricky….), and staying up on culture & current events.

Given that I may be undergoing a quarter life existential crisis, the purpose of this whole project is to share what and where I am eating, and learning a little bit about food, wine, beer, and Jacksonville along the way.