Salad for the Haters

Farro Salad.jpg

It is important to note, first and foremost, that I am not a salad person. That goopy, white ranch dressing has always scared me and if I am being perfectly honest, I don’t particularly care for lettuce…

This has become a slight problem as an adult because I find that the quickest weeknight meals are often those that involve lettuce being tossed and lots of veggies. My typical workaround to this unfortunate tendency is to surround my lettuce with things that I cannot say “no” to. And this, my friends, is called the “Salad Test.” For any salad to pass this test, it must include at least three of the following: croutons, nuts, seeds, fruit, grains, pasta, cheese, eggs, extra veggies, meat, or avocado. Less than three, and it is unlikely that you will find me waxing poetic about it.

I knew I needed a salad tonight – new year, new me – so I worked up the courage to grab the unopened bag of farro from the pantry and put it to the test.

40 minutes later I was left with a heaping bowl of arugula, farro, and roasted peppers, tossed in a red wine vinaigrette with a poached egg on top. The farro was nutty with the roasted peppers, and the poached egg added a familiar set of flavor and texture that I always crave.

I can’t believe I am saying this but next time I may actually add chicken instead of an egg – just to give the salad more substance. Regardless, it passed my Salad Test and I will be making it again. A+!

The recipe for my star student salad can be found here, on Edible NE Florida’s site.

Thank you Native Sun Jacksonville for the loveliest produce! ❤

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